Junio 2017

Blanca Gracia

Blanca Gracia uses drawing, animation and installation to cover diverse subjects such as the colonial legacy, travel as a physical and mental transition, our domesticated nature and the incomplete search for new utopias.

This artist focuses on matters that affect our current reality, camouflaging them with a supposed fiction. Through videos, installations and drawings, she reflects on our current political and social state from a global perspective by decontextualising the images taken from different media and giving them new meanings. In this pseudo-fictional universe, fugitives converge in search of a specific state of nature, unfinished utopias, rituals that survive the course of history, “thinking” zones and disobedient objects.

As part of Cáceres Abierto, Blanca presents her video installationTabú(Taboo), which will be shown at the Casa de los Caballos of the Cáceres Museumfrom June 2 to June 25.


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Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00–15:30, Sunday 10:00–15:30.

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