Junio 2017

Cristina Lucas

Cristina Lucas reminds us, with her work, that art is not only a means of seduction but also of becoming aware of what is happening in our surroundings and in the society.

This multidisciplinary artist presents her video pieces in Cáceres Abierto, which can not be fully understood without contemplation and an explicit agreement with feminism. She analyses the different instruments of power that are used to restrict freedom and uses different artistic languages ​​and tools which she adapts specifically to each project, from drawing, photography, video or performance to creating cartographic art through which one can investigate into the historical and economic concepts and facts that we must never abandon.

¡Habla! (Speak!) and Hacia lo salvaje(Into the wild), will be screened at the Casa de los Caballos of the Cáceres Museumfrom June 2 to June 25.

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Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00–15:30, Sunday 10:00–15:30.

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