Junio 2017


  • Diana Larrea

    Diana Larrea

    She uses various plastic art forms, such as installation, video, photography and drawing.

  • Alicia Martín

    Alicia Martín

    Her art covers a range of mediums working with sculpture, photography, video, installation and drawing.

  • Dionisio Cañas

    Dionisio Cañas

    Since 1987, he has been presenting actions, performances and installations with his texts.

  • Iñaki Larrimbe

    Iñaki Larrimbe

    He works within the concept of cultural tourism and the role that culture plays in our society.

  • Maite Cajaraville

    Maite Cajaraville

    She specialises in electronic art, audiovisual performance and art installation.

  • Noaz


    He applies his expertise in design and advertising to create art interventions that depict global issues and conflicts.

  • Gustavo Romano

    Gustavo Romano

    Using performative devices, he presents performances and creates situations involving audience participation, experimenting with different modes he uses to document the artwork.

  • Daniel Muñoz

    Daniel Muñoz

    He has developed the entirety of his work presenting interventions in public spaces, primarily murals.

  • Azucena Vieites

    Azucena Vieites

    Her work involves approaching contemporary visual culture by using various tools such as drawing, silkscreen print and collage.

  • Isabel León

    Isabel León

    From photography and video, she moved into performance art, a genre she has been profoundly engaged in for the last ten years.

  • Juan López

    Juan López

    Using metaphors and site-specific interventions, he wants to first break and then mend the ties.

  • Francisco Cuéllar

    Francisco Cuéllar

    He is a proactive and multidisciplinary professional with training and specialisation in audiovisual communication, education, editorial design and web design.

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