Junio 2017

Juan López

Juan López

Alto Maliaño (Cantabria), 1979

With the use of metaphors and site-specific interventions, he wants to break and then mend ties between the three elements that constitute the equation of his work: city, subjectivity and power.


He explores the aesthetic possibilities of the urban environment, experiments with spaces, links video projections and installations together, and designs complex iconic structures. In his work, there is an underlying profound interest in putting the language, which is developed on the streets, in direct contact with the various art codes from both private and institutional contexts. Hence, his creations contain elements that make immediate reference to the urban world.

His work has been exhibited in galleries, art centres, fairs, and national and international museums such as La Casa Encendida in Madrid, La Fábrica gallery in Madrid, Nogueras Blanchard gallery in Barcelona, MUSAC museum in León, LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation in Gijón, Fundació Joan Miró museum in Barcelona, Artium museum in Vitoria, La Panera Art Centre in Lleida; MARCO museum in Vigo (Galicia), Liste Art Fair in Basel; OK Centrum Linz in Austria, National Museum of the Brazilian Republic in Brasilia, Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan, Art Basel Miami Beach in USA, and Den Frie gallery in Copenhagen.

He has also won many awards and grants such as Hegnspl-Award ByensHegn, Region 0 Video Art Festival New York, Generaciones 2013 Art Award, CAM Plastic Arts Grant, ABC Art Award, Altadis Art Award, Marcelino Botín Foundation Grant, Government of Cantabria Art Prize, and INJUVE Art Show.



The artist has participated in Cáceres Abierto 2017, performing an intervention on the enormous facade of the Edificio de Servicios Múltiples (government office), composing the word “Ojo” (watch out) using the pattern formed by the windows, in order to establish a relationship between architecture and typography through some essential advertising strategies, but without the intention of selling anything to the passersby.  The intervention was activated on the nights of June 1 to June 4, 2017 and on the weekends of the same month, as well as on all the weekends of Cáceres Abierto (i.e. June 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 and 25).

Simultaneously, from June 1 to June 25, the artist’s video piece Numerosiswas screened at theEl BrocenseArt Gallery.

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