Junio 2017

Marina Nuñez

Her artistic creations depict odd, unusual and monstrous beings that exist outside of or against the norm. The abnormal bodies that appear in her paintings, infographics or videos tell us about a metamorphic, hybrid, multifaceted identity.

She recreates a destabilised and impure subjectivity for which ‘otherness’ is not something foreign and fundamentally constitutes the human being. Throughout her artistic trajectory, Marina Núñez has brought together different researches and analyses on the symbolic aspect of exclusion. Her artistic practice began mainly with painting and gradually evolved into photography, the infographics and the moving image, thematically exploring the concept of exclusion, initially, through depictions of madwomen, women suffering from hysteria and female monsters, and later transitioning to the conception of a cross-border, free-flowing, protean body, a cyborg body.

Her video pieces establish a strong conviction that art as a practice is capable of transforming reality and of deeply influencing our intelligence and sensitivity. This is evident in the two videos, Ingenio (Ingenuity) and Fluye la Carne(The flowing flesh), that the artist is presenting in Cáceres Abierto and that will be shown at the Casa de los Caballos of the Cáceres Museumfrom June 2 to June 25.


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Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00–15:30, Sunday 10:00–15:30.

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