Junio 2017


All the project-related information is available on the website: www.caceresabierto.com

The last few months have been intense and we have seen an overwhelming response to the much-needed boost, stimulus and promotion of the visual arts that this first edition of Cáceres Abierto has introduced to the Extremaduran region.

Cáceres Abierto has, to a large extent, achieved its goals such as strengthening the ties between the local and regional art and cultural fabric, the participation and involvement of the society, the sensitisation of the new audiences, and the interaction between the historical and cultural heritage of the city with contemporary art practice.

Together, we have put Cáceres Abierto in the setting of contemporary creation with an excellent programme, of artistic quality and cultural interest, with national and international impact and of social significance and welfare.

It has been a magnificent start and we hope that the future editions establish this project as a touchstone and a unifying hub for the visual arts sector in Extremadura through a new way of understanding the public service culture, with the help of local groups and with citizen participation.

Thanks to all the people and organisations that have made this possible!

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