Junio 2017


A workshop for children that will be held on may 18 as part of an educational programme of the cáceres museum on the occasion of international museum day.

On May 18, the Cáceres Museumwill host the workshop “Coloring Book. Drawing, collage and artist’s books”, by the Basque artist based in Madrid, Azucena Vieites, whose work involves approaching contemporary visual culture with respect to editing and using tools such as drawing, silkscreen print and collage.

In this workshop, a group of schoolchildren will “intervene” using some material provided by the artist, creating their own universe through the use of drawing or collage, that we will spread out on the floor, tables and walls and will group together in the form of different books, following a process that Azucena Vieites has experimented with in her latest projects.

The workshop will be held with schoolchildren who are participating in the educational programme of the Cáceres Museumand the art material generated by this workshop will be incorporated into the exhibition of the artist, “Producciones low-fi” (low-fi productions) that will remain on display at the Cáceres Museum until June 25, 2017. In addition, the first video creation by this artist, called Tableau vivant,that Cáceres Abierto has recovered and brought to the city, will be screened at the El Brocense Art Gallery.

The chosen date, May 18, coincides with the International Museum Day, which is celebrated every year with the objective of raising public awareness of the fact that “Museums are an important means for cultural exchanges, the enrichment of cultures, the encouragement of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among different communities”.

More information at: www.caceresabierto.com/taller-azucena-vieites

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