Junio 2017


After the opening ceremony, the inaugural activities of the event began.

Today (June 1) at 17:30, the activities of Cáceres Abierto began at the A. Rodríguez-Moñino/M. Brey Public Library (although the preparatory workshops had started on May 18) with the presentation of the work of Noaz, Recuerdo de Cáceres, which was developed in collaboration with the members of the Asociación Sociocultural Aldea Moret (Sociocultural Association of Aldea Moret), of the Centro de Mayores Plaza Mayor (Senior Citizens’ Association) and of the Asociación de Vecinas y Vecinos 1º de Mayo (Aldea Moret Residents’ Association). On behalf of the Cáceres Abierto team, we would like to express our gratitude to Isabel Caneco, Manuel Rodríguez, Inma León, Manuel Leal and Arístides García for their indispensable involvement in the project.

Following that, we continued with the ManifestACCIÓN Lujo para todos (Luxury for all DemonstrACTION) project by Dionisio Cañas, in which the participants marched from the Public Library, passing through the Paseo de Cánovas, to arrive at the El Brocense Art Gallery, where they placed the banners and posters made during the workshop, held the day before with the students of Bachillerato (Spanish Baccalaureate) of the I.E.S. Al-Qázeres school and of Eulogio Blasco School of Fine Arts.

The day ended with the opening of the exhibition at the El Brocense Art Gallery that hosts art pieces created by some of the artists participating in Cáceres Abierto.

A day full of activities that will continue tomorrow (Friday, June 2) and throughout the weekend and for which we hope to be able to count on you.

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