Junio 2017


Freek Cáceres Postal Contest. First activity of Cáceres Abierto.

Cáceres Abierto presents its first activity: the Postal Freek Cáceres competition, conceived by the artist Iñaki Larrimbewith the aim of critically reflecting on the phenomenon of cultural tourism and offering to the citizens the possibility to connect and discuss our cultural heritage from a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints.

From among all the submitted postcards of the Cáceres city, showing places, situations and unusual, unique, unseen or rare actions, a total of 12 postcards will be selected in the competition. That is to say: postcards depicting perspectives that are different from those offered by the tourism industries. Submitting drawings, paintings, photographs, etc. is allowed, however, the images must be sent in digital format.

The competition will be judged by a jury composed of the artist himself, the curator, Jorge Díez, and various members of institutions related to arts education in Cáceres. The 12 postcards selected will become part of a free collection that will be distributed through various cultural places in the city.

The deadline for submission of postcards is May 4, 2017. All the information on the competition and its rules is available at: postalfreekcaceres.blogspot.com.es

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