Junio 2017


Subscriptions open to participate in the Workshop to prepare the “Collective Action Disseminated” by the artist Isabel León.

The workshop will be held at 18:00–20:00 on May 30 and 31 at the Helga de Alvear Foundation Visual Arts Centreas preparation for the Disseminated Collective Actionproject by the artist Isabel León, which will be carried out simultaneously in different locations of the city onthe afternoon of Saturday, June 3, as part of the Cáceres Abierto programme. This performance involves occupation of public spaces by our bodies and objects to reflect on the elements of intimate-shared and public-private concepts.

The workshop will focus on some essential aspects of Performance Art, an artistic practice which is eminently ephemeral and immaterial in nature, in which the process of creation takes precedence over the artistic object. It is an intermediate art form because it is halfway among the plastic arts, poetry, dance, theatre, installation, video and music. It is an art of presence, of the here and now. You do not need to possess technical or physical skills to be able to create. All that is required is the desire to express. Every artist finds his or her own way, because the essence lies in being yourself.

This call for subscription is open to any adult who is interested in contemporary art, body art, and public art or simply wants to live this experience.

To participate in the workshop, send an email to participa@caceresabierto.com with your personal details and contact information, with “Acción Isabel León – Cáceres Abierto” in the subject field.

More information at: www.caceresabierto.com/en/workshop-isabel-leon

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