Junio 2017


A “disseminated collective action” that was prepared in previous workshops.

The grand finale of today’s activities (June 3, 2017) has been put together by more than 40 people who have participated in the disseminated collective action “Rastros” (Traces) by the artist Isabel León, with a performance at four locations in the city (San Pedro Street, Helga de Alvear Foundation Visual Arts Centre, Plaza de las Claras and Plaza de las Veletas) that caught the attention of every passerby and that was conceived in order to reflect on the concepts of ‘public and shared’ in relation to those of ‘private and intimate’ through the ephemeral occupation of the public spaces through the body, in a subtle and rhizomaticway that, fleeing from the noise and spectacularity, tries to leave a common and dispersed trace. To this end, the participants have used everyday objects taken from the privacy of home that, when brought out to the public spaces, seem strange and take on a new dimension.


Congratulations for this great work and thanks to all the people that have participated in the previous workshops and in creation of this action in individual capacity or through Maltravieso School of Performing Arts, the Elementary Dance Conservatory of the “El Brocense” Cultural Institution, the I.E.S. Al-Qázeres school, and  ESAD School of Dramatic Arts of Extremadura.

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