Junio 2017


The audiovisuals comprise the several art interventions performed, as well as the summary of the inaugural activities carried out from june 1 – june 4.

The thirteen audiovisual pieces, created by Rodrigo Rivas, Virginia Rivas, Victor Sarabia, Guillermo Luna and Roberto Fernández on the various interventions, art installations and actions performed as part of the Cáceres Abierto 2017 are now available on CÁCERES ABIERTO TV.

Rodrigo Rivas’s works include experimental feature films, and documentaries on social, artistic and advertising aspects, among others. His directorial debut Garantía Personal(Personal Guarantee), a Neo-Noir film, has participated in numerous national and international festivals, winning major awards.

Virginia Rivas, the author of this audiovisual piece, conceives her work in various art forms like painting, video, installation and design, combining her role as an artist with that of a teacher in cultural projects and those involving public participation.

Víctor Sarabia’s work mainly involves recovering home movie archives in La Mirada de los Extremeños – Archivo de Cine Familiar y Amateur de la Filmoteca de Extremadura(From the eyes of the Extremadurans – The Filmoteca de Extremadura Amateur and Home Movie Archive), and he has made entertaining art creations using these films. He has recently launched the entertainment guide of Extremadura: SINOSECANCELA.

Guillermo Luna has an inclination for the study of cultural, historical and social movements, which he has been working on for over ten years now. He has produced various music events, three short documentary films and several pedagogical works. He is currently working on a documentary film on the origins of women’s professional sports. He works in collaboration with another documentarian, Roberto Fernández, who assists him in the production and photography for all his projects. Roberto comes from a photography background and finds interest in the narrative of this visual art form. He is passionate about travel literature.

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