Junio 2017


Programme 2017

May 4: Deadline for registration for the Postcard Competition, Postal Freek, by Iñaki Larrimbe.

May 18: Workshop “Coloring Book”, by Azucena Vieites. International Museum Day. Cáceres Museum.

May 30 and 31: Workshop on preparation for “Acción Colectiva Diseminada” (Disseminated Collective Action), by Isabel León. Helga de Alvear Foundation Visual Arts Centre.

May 30 and 31: Workshop on introduction to the creation of audiovisual material with the mobile phone “Video para llevar” (Takeaway Video), by Fernando Llanos. I.E.S El Brocense.

May 31: Workshop on preparation for “ManifestACCIÓN Lujo para todos” (Luxury for all DemonstrACTION), by Dionisio Cañas. A. Rodríguez-Moñino/M. Brey Public Library.

June 1 to 25: Art interventions.

June 1 to 4: Inaugural activities of Cáceres Abierto.


    17:30, Public Library:
    Presentation of Noaz's project.

    19:00, Pº de Cánovas:
    ManifestACCIÓN Lujo para todos (Luxury for all DemonstrACTION), by Dionisio Cañas.

    20:00, El Brocense Art Gallery:
    Opening of the exhibition.


    17:30, Cáceres Museum:
    El silencio del cuerpo, el decir de las nubes (the silence of the body, the voice of the clouds). Conversation between artist Andrés Talavero and curator Miguel Fernández Campón.

    18:30, Cáceres Museum:
    Presentation on the projects of Azucena Vieites, Diana Larrea and Isabel León. Moderator: Mª del Mar Lozano Bartolozzi, Professor of Art History at the University of Extremadura.

    19:30, Cáceres Museum:
    Opening of the exhibition.

    20:30, Filmoteca:
    Matria by Fernando Llanos (Mexican artist).


    12:00, Public Library:
    Presentation of the study, La actividad económica de los/las artistas en España (The economic activity of the artists in Spain) by Isidro López Aparicio and Marta Pérez Ibáñez.

    13:00, Public Library:
    Panel discussion on best practices in contemporary art. Isabel Durán (president of the Institute of Contemporary Art, IAC), Nacho Lobato (member of the board of directors of the Association of Visual Artists and Associates of Extremadura, AVAEX) and Isidro López-Aparicio (president of the Union of Visual Artists's Associations, UAAV). Moderator: Ana Aznar (Cultural Observatory of Extremadura).

    17:30, Public Library:
    Unofficial Tourism and Postal Freek, by Iñaki Larrimbe and the authors of the alternative tour itineraries: Tete Alejandre, Paula Almonacid, José Luis Forte, Fermín Solís, María Vaquero and Sabah Walid.

    18:30, Public Library:
    Panel discussion about refugees. Marce Solís and Dionisio Cañas, author of La noche de Europa (the European night), a poetry session with María Zambrano that includes the sound collage “Las 8 puertas de la noche” (The 8 doors of the night) and which will be concluded with the project www.accionrefugiados.es

    20:00, Helga de Alvear Foundation Visual Arts Centre, Cáceres Museum and other locations in the city:
    Disseminated collective action by Isabel León.


    12:30, Vostell Malpartida Museum:
    Opening ofSinergias.

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