Junio 2017

Workshop Dionisio Cañas

Workshop preparation for ManifestACCIÓN Lujo para todos

The A. Rodríguez-Moñino/M. Brey Public Library will host the preparatory workshop, delivered by Dionisio Cañas, for the manisfestACCIÓNLujo para Todos(Luxury for all DemonstrACTION) project from 16:00–21:00 on Wednesday, May 31.

The workshop will consist of a brief introduction to performance art, followed by the preparation of flags, posters and banners for the demonstration, in which the participants will march the next day, June 1 at 19:00, from the Public Library, passing through the Paseo de Cánova, to arrive at the square known as La Cruz and, finally, place all the material, created for the manifestACCIÓN, at the El Brocense Art Gallerywhich will remain on display until June 25.

During the workshop, the participants will write matter on the posters related to the concept of luxury, in the context of art being considered as luxury goods as well as in the context of luxury in general. Moreover, some of the posters might simply have logos of all kinds of luxury brands painted on them: cars, clothing, jewellery, home decor, travel, and so on.

In this workshop, anyone can participate free of charge. It will be held at the A. Rodríguez-Moñino/M. Brey Public Library from 16:00–21:00 on Wednesday, May 31.


To participate in the workshop, send an email to participa@caceresabierto.com with your personal details and contact information, with “Taller Dionisio Cañas – Cáceres Abierto” in the subject field.


We are holding this demonstration because we want to be happy. Luxury is a means to achieve happiness. A peaceful demonstration of the desires is also a form of collective happiness because the desire for luxury unites us, although the word luxury has a different meaning for every individual: for some people it means a luxury to possess an original art piece, while for others it can just mean having some free time. Luxury, material or immaterial, is an absolute value but our perception of luxury is a relative one.


 More information at: www.caceresabierto.com/en/dionisio-canas-3

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