Edición 2017



¡Edítalo tú mismo! A workshop by La Más Bella.

This is the end result of the Meetup-Workshop ¡Edítalo tú mismo!(Publish-it-yourself!) conducted by the editors of La Más Bella magazine, Diego Ortiz and Pepe Murciego, the creators of this project, about reflection and experimentation in the world of modern art publishing.

In this workshop, we began with the introduction of Pepe and Diego who explained their concept of creation and management of alternative artistic publications, talked about their artistic career, and showed us, among other things, some previous issues of La Más Bella magazine.

Both young people as well as adults, interested in the world of fanzines, alternative publishing, experimental art and poetry, participated in this workshop and did not hesitate to engage in sharing ideas, designing and creating some of these publications that are shown below.

We would like to thank Jesús Vázquez (IES Al-Qázeres), Lourdes Germain (Eulogio Blasco School of Fine Arts) and Inmaculada Léon (Centro de Mayores Plaza Mayor SEPAD) for their fantastic collaboration.

Goal achieved

We have been able to deliver a clear message: self-publishing is possible! And the biggest example of this: La Más Bella has over twenty-five years of experience in publishing with the most absolute editorial and economic freedom, in addition to all the excellent works of art that have been created in this session within the Cáceres Abierto 2019. The end result will be presented on Saturday, 27 April at 20:00 at El Brocense Art Gallery (c/San Antón 17, Cáceres) accompanied by the performance by Isabel León, conceived exclusively for the event.

Pepe and Diego (La Más Bella) have been operating in Madrid uninterruptedly since 1993 and mainly engage in promoting and executing artistic projects designed to be distributed through unconventional channels and methods in the world of conventional publishing. The unusual and experimental magazine La Más Bella (with more than two thousand collaborators from all artistic disciplines imaginable), vending machines of art and artistic publications Bellamatic, in its four versions: Bellamátic, Bellascopio, BolaBellamátic and BellaMatamátic, or the Workshops on Edición Rara y variopintas(Unusual and Eclectic Publications), conducted all over the world, are just some examples of their action and intervention.

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