Edición 2017

La más bella

La Más Bella

A project created for reflection, action and experimentation in the modern art publishing world that promotes and executes artistic projects designed to be published through alternative channels and methods in the world of conventional publishing. It has been operating uninterruptedly in Madrid since 1993, with artists Pepe Murciego (Madrid, 1967) and Diego Ortiz (Madrid, 1968) as directors and editors of the project.


La Más Bella uses several means for action and intervention: The unusual and experimental magazine La Más Bella, the vending machines for art and artistic publications Bellamátic, in its four different versions: Bellamátic, Bellascopio, BolaBellamátic andBellaMatamátic, the Workshops on Edición Rara y variopintas (Unusual and Eclectic Publications), conducted in dozens of spaces and events in Spain and around of the world, and presentations, seminars and exhibitions related to publishing.


The monographic magazine La Más Bella has over two thousand wonderful collaborators from different artistic disciplines, such as plastic arts and literature, audiovisual or conceptual fields. Over the last twenty-five years, they have published tons of issues, including normal publications, guest or special publications, workshop publications, publications for vending machines and other publications, in addition to carrying out dozens of activities related to the world of unconventional publishing.

Pepe-Murciego_Diego-Ortiz_La Mas Bella_ANDA (2010) web

Anda. Edición normal. Madrid, 2010

Pepe-Murciego_Diego-Ortiz_La Mas Bella_POR LOS PELOS (2010) web

Por los pelos. Edición invitada o especial. Valparaíso-Chile, 2010.

Pepe-Murciego_Diego-Ortiz_La Mas Bella_AL PIE DE LA LETRA (2018) web

Al pie de la letra. Edición de Taller. Tárrega-Lleida, 2018

Their project in Cáceres Abierto 2019

A special edition of the magazine La Más Bella made exclusively for Cáceres Abierto 2019, based on the conceptual and poetic connotations of the word “desmochar” (prune in English), particularly linked to the city of Cáceres through the event known as El Desmoche de las Torres (The pruning of the towers) in 1476. An edition that has a screen-printed construction brick as its centre spread. The contents are composed of a collection of printed elements with contributions from some forty collaborating artists coordinated by La Más Bella. In addition to this, a Workshop on Ediciones Raras y Variopintas (Unusual and Eclectic Publications) is being conducted at the Public Library and three Bola-Bellamátic vending machines are being placed at several locations of Cáceres Abierto, the MiniMocha edition.


La Más Bella MOCHA, 2019


BolaBellaMatic – MiniMocha, 2019


La Más Bella MOCHA, 2019

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